The article states that Wikileaks is good for democracy and gives the population access to information that has been withheld from the public for years. Having good communication is necessary in government to inform all the people of what is happening and what the goals. Having Wikileaks in place aids in assisting the equality of data and information.


Beverly Diamonds

Wikileaks is a special case where the first amendment protects the use and spread of the secret information, but the government tries to restrict and control access of what becomes public knowledge. It is on a border where the information is to be kept secret, but someone finds out about the information and uses the first amendment to publicize the findings. Some politicians try to get the sites distributing the information shut down by filing lawsuits and claiming that the unauthorized distribution of the information is similar to an act of terrorism. The articles states that the same politicians trying to fight the distribution of the information are also the ones that are suspected of acting in malicious ways, which brings some uncertainty about if they are trying to protect the people or protect themselves by people not seeing them in their true identity. The article states that while politicians predict that the distribution of the secret information can cause harm to the public, not one death has been recorded as a result or use of Wikileaks or similar site. I agree with the author that the United States has not been doing the right thing by making the information secret. I also agree that the politicians will be embarrassed and uncomfortable by what the document states. A person thought to be a hero may have taken part in immoral or unethical acts and that likely scares the politicians because they would fear that the information would be used against them in elections and may inhibit their ability to get elected. This concept is similar to the idea of having nothing to hide, then do not be afraid. Most people may be concerned because the politicians are trying to hide and conceal the truth, which may mean they have something they do not want the public to know.


Quigley, B. (2010, November 30). Why Wikileaks is Good for Democracy. Retrieved


August 2, 2015.

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