When Purchasing Fancy Colored Natural Diamonds

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Many customers who look forward to buy diamonds are not familiar with the different quality parameters and grading scales used to denote the color of the diamond. Beverly Diamonds complaints from such customers are becoming common these days. They might have had an idea about what a pink or blue colored stone would look like, but the color of the stone they bought might have a shade or two different from what they had in mind.

Distinguishing between various diamond colors

Keep in mind that fancy diamond colors are very rare to begin with. Though you can get all kinds of fancy colored diamonds online, remember that the photographs you see online might show a slight change in the hue in some cases. Experts at the Beverly Diamonds complaints section advices to stick to the official GIA color grading scale and check the color of the stone accordingly to avoid any mix-ups.

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As per the experts at the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, high quality colored stones are very rare and too expensive for most of the average buyers. Take, for example, the famous Hope diamond known for its fancy deep blue color. This stone changed hands for a price tag of $350 million. The reason why such fancy colored stones are so rare and expensive is that the colors imparted to the stone are due to the presence of some impurities. And for this reason, the color is not normally evenly distributed throughout the stone. It appears more like a blemish, reducing the value of the stone.

Of course, the gemmologists at the Beverly Diamonds complaints unit employ many methods to get rid of these blemishes, and make sure that the stone has the same color throughout. Also, there are many techniques that they employ to enhance the color of the stone by a shade or two. One of the popular fancy diamond colors, which became very fashionable these days, is the fancy grey stone, with many shades available in the spectrum. But, keep in mind that fancy colored natural diamonds are very expensive indeed.

So, it is better to go for the pure white or colorless stones while buying diamond jewelry. That would stay in your budget, provided that you check on the shape, cut, and carat weight carefully.

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