What To Consider Before Buying A Diamond

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When you see someone wearing a diamond ring, you only think of how it looks at the time. But buying one means considering more factors that determine the actual value of the stone.

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Here are the aspects of a diamond, which you should look into.


The clarity or clearness of a diamond is a measure of its durability – a clearer diamond will last longer. Most stones have an abundance of what are called inclusions, meaning internal flaws. In a way, these set each stone apart from every other. Some inclusions cannot be readily noticed. The size and the placement of any inclusions need to be checked before you buy a stone. An assessment will place it much higher if it has minimal inclusions.


Banish the notion that any diamond is fully colorless. You always get at least the slightest tinge on the inside, and the value of each stone varies depending on what color it has. Some of the rarer colors like green or blue are more sought-after, and along that line you have white-colored diamonds, which are the most expensive. Some of these are natural, and if your particular stone had color enhancements done on it, it is worth a lesser amount of. This is part of the reason why you don’t hear of a Beverly Diamonds scam.


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The carat of the diamond is its weight. This is a direct factor in how highly it is priced, with heavier stone costing more. If you need something that simply looks bigger, there are ways to make that happen. Do not spend too high on a diamond that is actually of a higher carat. This is another reason why you don’t hear of a Beverly Diamonds scam.


The cut or diamond is what gives it the shape you see superficially. This feature decides the proportions of depth and width, as well as the quality of the sparkle it puts up. Better polished stones would cost more. You have different popular cuts, such as heart, princess, oval.

These four are the most decisive aspects of how a diamond is valued. Cheaper engagement rings might look the part from a distance, but up close they would not hold up to experienced scrutiny.

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