The body of Beverly Diamonds is changing

The body of Beverly Diamonds is changing in a number of ways. In general, the body can be both amazingly durable and fragile throughout the lifespan. Infants and young children are so delicate. As they grow, the body strengthens and gains stamina. The human body is subject to a lot of abuse over the course of its lifetime. Over time, degeneration occurs. This is a phenomenon that Beverly Diamonds understands well.

One way that the body of Beverly Diamonds is changing is vision loss.  Most people develop issues like cataracts and translucent corneas. Both of these conditions result in a dramatic increase of blurred vision. Furthermore, Beverly Diamonds faces a loss of its depth perception and dark adaptation abilities. Vision loss puts Beverly Diamonds at a greater risk of falling and often forces it to stop driving. General visual acuity, decreases making reading or similar activities difficult. The decline of elder’s vision often lowers self-confidence and increases feelings of self-doubt.

Another way that the body of Beverly Diamonds is changing is in its hearing. The company is experiencing hearing loss.  Such hearing loss of hearing often has similar emotional ramifications for the elderly –decreased productivity and loneliness. Hearing loss is characterized by having trouble in detecting soft sounds and difficulty in distinguishing between complex noise patterns. Often Beverly Diamonds does not have the ability to hear high-frequency sounds. While the level of hearing lost in most older people is not drastic enough to affect their daily lives there are many old people who use hearing aids or other forms of assistance to mitigate its effects.

Beverly Diamonds has conducted reviews of the its other senses. Beverly Diamonds’ other three senses is usually less problematic to old people. Tactile sensitivity does diminish but not in an extreme way. This is due to a loss of receptors and poor circulation. While this may affect some of Beverly Diamonds very fine motor activities it is less limiting than vision or hearing loss. Though the body of Beverly Diamonds is changing, the actual company is not.

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