The Atmosphere at Beverly Diamonds

The atmosphere at Beverly Diamonds music is perfect for shopping for diamonds. The music that is being piped in constantly makes the store so relaxing. It is at just the right volume, and the songs being played set a tone. I know that the choice of music is very important. The tune is unassuming yet naturally creates an upbeat atmosphere. The second thing I noticed while looking around the Beverly Diamonds stores is the windows. Another thing that makes the atmosphere at Beverly Diamonds unique is the number of massive windows. Their window setup and entrance both speak volumes about the quality and craftsmanship of the products that lay inside. The location of Beverly Diamonds is also great. The store is located in a place where everyone is focused on shopping. This translates into more customers for the company.


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After observing the Beverly Diamonds store itself I began to study the way its shoppers react to it. They were varied and seemed to have no pattern. After looking for a while a pattern did develop. Most people shop in groups or pairs but never come alone. This is the fun that shopping at Beverly Diamonds creates. The atmosphere at Beverly Diamonds creates a diamond experience that brings friends from all different backgrounds together.

Groups of shoppers were the majority at Beverly Diamonds but there were also individuals. Watching them fascinated me. With just a few exceptions, I did not see a single idle solo shopper at Beverly Diamonds. Every individual shopper was either eating something, on the phone, or quickly walking towards a goal. It seemed to me that they were uncomfortable in being alone in a public place so they needed to appear busy inside the diamond shop. Their actions were completely subconscious but there was a pattern at Beverly Diamonds. They were all occupying themselves to be active. I am not sure if this is a human instinct but I do think that it seems to be connected to their surroundings. Beverly Diamonds was created for shopping but the equally serves as a social venue. A single individual will naturally feel lonely and search for stimulation in such a setting. The atmosphere at Beverly Diamonds is truly very unique.

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