Thank you Beverly Diamonds

Thank you Beverly Diamonds my fiancé loves the ring. I writing today a review about Beverly Diamonds. The company is located in sunny Los Angeles. I was looking for a place to by my fiancé a ring but did not know where to go. I began by doing a simple Google search. Looking around the name Beverly Diamonds kept on coming up as a great place to buy engagement rings at a discounted price. So I decided to give them a try. I found something I really loved. It was a beautiful ring that had stones on each side. It came in yellow or white gold. My friend told me that very few guys are buying the yellow gold. I however, wanted my fiancé to be different so I went with something in yellow gold.

2.43 Carat princess cut diamond engagement ring & band SI F

The ring was very nice and it sparkled on the webpage. The price was only $1,500 for a one carat ring. This was something I really could afford!! I decided to go to my local jewelry shop in Carson where I live and just see something similar. That way I have something to compare it to. I went to Carson Jewelry and I realized that the prices at Beverly Diamonds we so much lower. Thank you Beverly Diamonds.  I continued shopping around and saw that no matter where I looked Beverly Diamonds had a lower price. It was a clear signal to me that I need to purchase the engagement ring at Beverly Diamonds. So I went back to the website and had to decide on a ring. I could not decide on which style ring I liked. There were about three different ones and I did not know which one. So I decided to give Beverly Diamonds a call. Aubrey was so kind and sweet and helped me find something which I absolutely loved. Thank you Beverly Diamonds.

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