Should I trust Beverly Diamonds Ripoff Report

Should I trust the Beverly Diamonds Ripoff report

2 Months ago, I was looking to purchase a diamond ring for my now fiancee. Like anyone else that is buying a diamond ring on the Internet, I did a lot of research into the companies that sell discounted diamond rings. One of the websites I came across is Beverly Diamonds ripoff report.

At first I was a little hesitant in buying a ring from Beverly Diamonds. Some of the review websites I looked at was Beverly Diamonds Ripoff Report, BCA and the BBB. Even though there are some complaints, Beverly Diamonds has a good grade with the BBB and the Business Consumer Alliance. After doing some research into this, I realized that it is very possible to see some negative reviews on websites like the BBB and Ripoff Report and still be a good Company.

Full review websites like the BBB gives their grade based on overall performances, not just a few happy or angry customers. A review website that only has neagtive reviews allows consumers that want something from a compnay to blackmail them, saying that they will post a negative review on websites like the Beverly Diamonds Ripoff Report and other websites like that. But after seeing reviews websites that allow customers to do more then just write bad reviews, I learned that this could still be a good company even though there are some bad reviews.

I decided to buy a ring from Beverly Diamonds and I couldn’t be happier. My fiancee loves the ring, and her friends think I spent more than double what I actually spent. Now I know when ever I look for something online, don’t just look at negative review sites. Make sure to review everything.

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