Importance Of Color While Making Diamond Selection

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Many of us think that the white diamonds are colorless, but the reality is that colorless diamonds are very rare. The most common diamonds that are used in the jewelry industry are mostly colorless with faint brown or yellow tints. These diamonds usually fall in the normal color range and within the normal range if the diamond is closer to colorless, the diamond will be having more value. The different color coding grade scales of diamonds, as per the Beverly Diamonds review pages, are as follows.

GIA colour grading scale

D to F falls in the colorless category

G to J comes close to colourless

K to M is in the Faint Yellow range

N to R is very light yellow

S to Z is in the Light Yellow range

Color of the diamonds is measured by comparing it to a master stone. The color of the master stone will be the reference. The highest master stone will be having the E color and any diamond that has a better color than that of the highest master stone will be rated D. Reading the above details, do not get the wrong notion that the colors will have much gradient.

Technical Details Of Diamonds
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Each of the color grades will be of narrow range. This means that there is no exact color for the GIA grade of diamonds, that is, a D color diamond can be a weak, average or strong D color. This is as per the Beverly Diamonds reviews page. The color of the diamond will also be compared to the next range and as long as the color is better than the next range, it will fall in the current range.

Another factor that determines the value of the diamonds as per the Beverly Diamonds review pages is the fluorescence. Fluorescence is nothing but the glow that the diamonds produce when it is exposed to UV light. Many of the buyers prefer a diamond with a blue fluorescence as this may give a near colorless or a faint yellow appearance to the diamond. If the diamond is completely colorless, fluorescence will not be having any effect on the color. It will just give a light milky appearance to the stone.

Diamonds usually act like a prism and deflect the light. This will divide the light into spectral colors and these lights are then reflected as color flashes and these flashes are technically called as Fire. If you wish to know more on the technical details of diamonds, visit the Beverly Diamonds review pages.

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