Finding Good Quality Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds
<em><strong>Ratings Of Diamonds</strong></em>

It is easy to be fooled into buying a low quality diamond, when you do not have much knowledge about the quality characteristics or the grading system used for rating the stone. So it is better to either stick to buying from reputed diamond sellers like Beverly Diamonds, or do some research before you set out to buy some really expensive diamond jewelry.

Determining the quality of a diamond

The Gemological Institute Of America (GIA) has set up the international standards for grading the quality of diamonds. When you buy from Beverly Diamonds, you will be receiving high quality diamonds that meets all the GIA standards. These quality standards are based on the four main characteristics of the stone – Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat.

Of these, the Color of the stone is probably the first thing you would notice in diamond jewelry. As you might have noticed, colored diamonds are rarer than the colorless ones. In fact, most of the natural diamonds are colorless diamonds, with a light shade of brown or yellow. For this reason, the colored diamonds are much sought after in the market, and therefore, are more expensive.

And there is a grading system for rating the Color of the stone as well. When you purchase the diamond from Beverly Diamonds, you will notice the color rating mentioned in the certificate. This rating is arrived at by comparing the color of the diamond in question with a standard colored one. A qualified diamond appraiser will examine the stone and compare its color with the master stone by placing both of them under ultra violet light.

The gemologist will use a set of standard stones, each having different grades of colors for comparison, and will soon find the perfect match for the diamond under examination. This grade of the standard stone will then be assigned to the diamond.

Colorless Diamonds
<em><strong>About Colored Diamonds</strong></em>

Though colored diamonds are much in demand, colorless ones are superior in quality, especially if you are looking at the purity of the stone. Diamond, in its purest form, is colorless, and it is some impurity in the stone that imparts the color to it. For this reason, the colorless stones are given the highest rating of D in the GIA D-to-Z grading scale.

When you buy diamonds from reputed sellers like the Beverly Diamonds, all these ratings will be mentioned in the quality certificate provided with the jewelry purchase. This way, you can be rest assured that you get a high quality item, which is worth the money spent.

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