Diamond Ring Q & A

Below are some common customer questions regarding their diamond ring with my respective opinion.

How much is my diamond worth?

The best way to figure out the market value for your diamond is to calculate the prices with the same carat weight, clarity, cut, and color grades. You can then calculate an average price that will be in proximity to your diamond’s value.

What are the most common cuts for diamond engagement rings?

There are many cuts but some of the most common include; cushion, emerald, asscher, princess, round, and pear cut.

What is most important in a diamond: cut, color, clarity, or size?

Overall, Cut is the most important part of the appearance of the ring. An excellent cut diamond with lower color/clarity will still look beautiful as its great ability to sparkle and create brilliance. On the other hand, however, no matter the level of clarity, it will not help a poorly cut diamond.

What’s the difference between carat and karat?

Carat with a ‘C’ is used to detail the weight and/or mass of a precious stone; i.e. diamonds. Karat with a ‘K’, though, refers to the purity of a metal; i.e. gold.

How do I clean my jewelry without any cleaning tools?

A simple technique on how to keep your jewelry sparkling and stunning is to soak it in a de-greasing solution, otherwise knows as water with a few drops of dish soap, one or two times a week. After its removed, use a clean, smooth, toothbrush to help clean out any spots/dirt remaining.

How can I tell if a diamond is real or fake?

There are plenty of ways to spot real from fake. A fake diamond will have a black shine through, and will not have as big a sparkle. One easy way to extinguish one from another is to place the stone in front of your face and fog it up with your breath. If the stone remains fogged up for more than a second or two, its probably a fake, as real diamonds won’t fog up easily since the moisture doesn’t stick to the surface.

Why does my gold jewelry discolor my skin?

Some people will discover discoloration on their ‘ring’ finger due to makeup or other cosmetics on the skin. Gold is soft, and as the cosmetics contain compounds that are ‘harder’ than gold, the makeup can rub off small particles off of the metal.

What are “inclusions” on a diamond?

Inclusions are small dots/dirt in the diamond, otherwise knows as imperfections. The fewer/smaller they are, the better the clarity of the diamond is.

Will my diamond sparkle?

Many expect every diamond to have plenty of sparkles but not all shine the same. For example; round cuts sparkle the most. After round; princess, marquise, oval, and pear shine nicely. Emerald, cushion, and baguettes give off beams of light, rather than sparkle.


I hope these simple diamond education will help you.

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