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<em><strong>Diamonds And Their Cuts</strong></em>

The price and quality of a diamond mainly depends on the cut quality. The process of shaping the rough stone in such a way that light appropriately enters through its sides and reflects it back from preferred sides is termed as ‘cutting’. The best quality diamond allows maximum amount of light to enter through it and pass along, and will have a unique spark. Many diamond sellers in US like the Beverly Diamonds brand confine to these specifications. Browsing through the diamond pieces available on the Beverly Diamonds page will give you a rough idea about the specific cut of each diamond.

Nowadays, the quality of a diamond is assessed around the world using the 4 Cs of diamond quality, namely Cut, Carat weight, Clarity and Color. These attributes help diamond sellers classify various diamonds accordingly, and help users to easily and effectively understand the quality of any diamond that they are purchasing. Among these 4 Cs, the most significant attribute of a diamond is the Cut. This is because it is the only attribute that is dependent on human skill.

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A well cut diamond reflects light like a mirror, usually through the top side of the stone. It should also have uniformity of the facets, with proper depth and width and should be symmetrically round. A diamond that is poorly cut – for example, one that is cut too deep or shallow – would lose light through the bottom and the sides. Such a diamond would not be much brilliant or sparkle properly, and will be ultimately of less value. The five major types of diamond cuts are explained below.

  • Ideal Cut – This cut boasts the highest quality of polish and symmetry. The cut results in a perfectly proportioned diamond of the best quality. These rare and expensive diamonds virtually reflect all light that enter thorough them.
  • Excellent Cut – Also quite rare and exclusive, these diamonds reflect almost all light, but not as much as the ones with the Ideal Cut. Diamonds of this grade comply with strict requirements for depth and table percentage.
  • Very Good Cut -As the name implies, these are of high quality and are moderately priced. Much of the light is reflected as they are proportioned considerably well.
  • Good Cut – This is a grade of quality diamonds with considerable quality and value. These are fairly proportioned and hence reflect most of the light.
  • Fair Cut – These are a grade of disproportioned diamonds that reflect only some of the light that enters.
  • Poor Cut – All diamonds that cannot be classified even as Fair Cut come under this category. Most of the light that enters will be lost through the sides or the bottom.

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