Beverly Diamonds Reviews

Beverly Diamonds reviews.

Buying an engagement ring will always be a little stressful. But after have the experience I had, I feel the urge to comment on other Beverly Diamonds reviews. When I first started looking for a ring, I stumbled upon their website. Like everyone else, I started to do some research on the company. I came across many different reviews. Some good and some bad. That confused me. How can a company have so many good reviews and still have some unhappy customers? But after receiving my ring I completely understood where everyone was coming from.

First off I have to state, I absolutely love the ring I received from Beverly Diamonds. It is because I love the ring so much and working with them was so easy, I am writing about Beverly Diamonds reviews. Therefore, I obviously completely understand why someone would write something good about Beverly Diamonds. But for the people that wrote not such good Beverly Diamonds reviews, they must have had some sort of different experience that made them write a review like that.

I started reading the bad Beverly Diamond reviews and I realized that most things were just a misunderstanding. For example, one customer complaints about not receiving their 2 days after ordering. When I spoke to them they told me only certain rings can be made so quickly because they custom make all rings for their customers. Another person complaint about the size being off. I asked them about it and they said they will re size the ring for free if I find out my fiancee is a different size than why I guess she is.

I am not one to say that every bad complaint has no merit. All I can say is that from the time I’ve worked with Beverly Diamonds, they have been nothing short of incredible. I highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a beautiful and affordable diamond ring. And once you get your ring, please let me know what you think by writing in the Beverly Diamonds reviews.

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