Beverly Diamonds Reviews – Diamond Switch?

Whether you are having an anniversary celebration, upcoming engagement proposal or simply want a nice piece of diamond jewelry, you want to take precautions to ensure you receive the correct goods as stated at the point of sale. Even if you are bringing your jewelry for a routine cleaning at your local retailer, having some knowledge in diamond switching scams will help ensure the safety of your jewelry in their hands, and reading beverly diamonds reviews is the best way to do just that.

Here are some basic guidelines on what to look for and how to proceed with caution when dealing with a jeweler; especially one that you are not familiar with yet.

When Does Diamond Switching Usually Occur?10GSR

In most cases, diamond switching occurs when you leave a diamond unattended with an unethical sales associate or a jeweler without taking proper precautions.

For example, did you know that a diamond can be switched right after you had picked it out and need it mounted into a setting? This requires you to leave the stone overnight or over a period of days with the jeweler. I’ve read plenty of beverly diamonds reviews of people who noted that before they arrived at beverly diamonds, they had dealings with some less than honest jewelers. With more time to work with the stone, it’s easier for unscrupulous jewelers to make the switch.

Diamonds can also be swapped out quickly when taking your jewelry for a simple cleaning routine. Once you walk out of the store without checking, the jeweler will have complete deniability after you realized the stone had been changed.

Usually, diamonds are swapped with high quality CZ stones because they look as good as the real thing to the untrained eyes. You probably won’t detect anything amiss until months or years later. By that time, it is too late to make any accusations! It’s your word against theirs…Luckily for you, Beverly diamonds reviews are chalk full of customers who have been through the ringer and came out whole.

Most Jewelers Don’t Want Your Stone Anyway…

I would say that the majority of jewelers in the industry are trustworthy and won’t risk jeopardizing their reputation for a small short term gain. Sometimes, honest mistakes may occur in the workshop. For example, when a piece of jewelry is brought in for a repair or change of setting, there can be cases of mix-ups happening in the workshop.

In order to prevent such an issue and any misunderstandings from occurring, you should always request the jeweler to plot your diamond on a receipt before leaving it in their hands. Basically, this involves the jeweler to map out the locations and types of inclusions clearly on a piece of paper. A copy of this plot is then kept by both you and the jeweler for identification purposes when you return for collection.


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