About Diamonds Used In Jewelry

Beverly Diamonds
<em><strong>Types Of Diamonds</strong></em>

Countless diamonds are mined around the world every year. Of these, only a fifth stones are good enough to be made into jewelry, and the rest go into industrial uses, such as for making precision cutting tools. Because it is a rare thing to get a clear diamond, it’s all that special when you do get hold of one.

Types of diamonds seen in jewelry

Diamond jewelry usually features studded stones. Some of the best jewelry items incorporate intricate designs to make the best looking ornaments you would come across, most notably those sold by Beverly Diamonds. Jewelers use everything from White Diamonds to Pink Champagne Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, Green Diamonds, and Red diamonds. You see a variety of designs available on the Beverly Diamonds website, with hundreds of people buying these every day.


These days it is an affordable prospect to buy diamond jewelry, even for the average consumer. You can even customize your purchase on the Beverly Diamonds website, and this wouldn’t take too much time or effort either. Here you would find the most beautiful and affordable designs, whether you are looking for a ring, pendant, bracelet, or other jewelry item.

What influences clarity

There are two aspects, which figure into the clarity of a diamond. One of these is flaws on the outside, called blemishes. The other is what’s on the insides, called inclusions. It is almost impossible to find a diamond with neither, because during the time of its formation something or the other was likely to get trapped inside. This is what inclusions mean, the term being a literal reference to what happened over millions of years. It is not unusual to have a diamond formed inside of another either.

Clarity Of A Diamond
<em><strong>Clarity Of Diamonds</strong></em>

Some of the common inclusions found in diamonds are clouds, included crystals or minerals, cleavage, bearding, and needles. Blemishes are found on the outside, and these usually occur during the cutting process, which is definitely post formation. It is also possible for a diamond cutter to remove this for you. Blemishes are not as important to the clarity of the diamond, as inclusions.

Some of the common blemishes in diamonds include the Polish lines, Scratches, Fractures, cavities, etc. These are not found in Beverly Diamonds jewelry though. This jeweler is famous for putting up only the best and most flawless diamonds among their collection. Check out the latest engagement ring collection and find yourself a good buy.

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