A Look At The History Of Diamonds

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There was a time when diamonds were used to be a personal pride of royal families. But today, diamonds are becoming trendy among all types of people. Diamonds jewelries are common nowadays, and are available within the reach of a common person; in fact, diamonds have become ubiquitous these days, though they are pricey.

History of diamonds

There are different claims about the history of diamonds. The most popular claim about the diamonds is that they were traced in India for the first time about 3000 years ago. People started to notice them due to their light refracting property. The stones were very rare, but were first spotted in alluvial deposits of the stone along the rivers in India.

People, who got them, used diamonds for making jewelries because of the immeasurable shininess of the stone. Some even believed that the stones were given to them by gods to ward off evil spirit. As such, the stones gained popularity as talismans.

People of each age added various values and dignities to the diamonds. According to Beverly Diamonds reviews, diamonds were thought to have medicinal value during the Dark Age. People of that time were instructed to hold a diamond stone tightly in their hand and make signs of Cross frequently in order to be cured from serious diseases.

There are several stories about diamonds, and how they began to play a significant role in people’s life. Beverly Diamonds reviews by experts offer a good number of background details about such claims and stories.

One of the Beverly Diamonds reviews report that a child playing in South Africa accidently discovered diamonds in 1866. One of those diamonds, which has a gem cut and is nicknamed Eureka is still preserved. The Beverly Diamonds reviews indicate that this incident with the child drew the attention of people from different parts of the world. As per the records, it was since then that diamonds grew to become the most precious and valuable thing on earth.

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The advancement of technology has helped greatly in discovering diamonds from different parts of the world. Diamonds are mostly produced in South Africa and China these days. Many other countries have also adopted advanced steps to explore their diamond sources.

Diamonds can be bought today at local stores as well as online. Most diamond jewelry sellers offer a wide collection of these gemstones, so buying one that matches your needs the best is quite simple.

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