A Little Something About Colored Diamonds

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<em><strong>Colored Diamonds</strong></em>

Colored diamonds are a variety that’s used in jewelry. Some of the most common are yellow diamonds, which get the hue from the nitrogen present inside. The color may vary from a slight yellow tinge to a darker brownish yellow, and this doesn’t exactly mean the stone has flaws inside it. Beverly Diamonds sell some of the best diamonds jewelry online, and you won’t find any Beverly Diamonds complaints about the quality of these items.

Natural pink diamonds get the color from the “plastic deformation” of the crystal during the formative stage. Up until 1985, these diamonds were really rare. But then they discovered the Argyle Mine in Northwestern Australia, and since then, 9 out of the 10 in the world supply comes out of this place. Beverly Diamonds, meanwhile, mainly sells white diamonds, and you will hear no Beverly Diamonds complaints from customers.

Natural orange diamonds get the characteristic color because there’s nitrogen present inside the stone, almost the same as in the case of yellow diamonds. And because orange is made from the combination of yellow and red, these diamonds have colors ranging from red orange to yellow orange. The most expensive ones have a “fancy vivid orange” color grading, and these are highly priced for the way they look on a woman’s neck.

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<em><strong>Colorless Diamonds</strong></em>

Red diamonds have the same formative history as pink diamonds. You find very few graded as Fancy Red by the GIA. The best of these are fairly expensive.

As for colorless diamonds, you simply have the 4 C’s to consider when buying. These determinant qualities are the carat, clarity, cut, and color of the gem. Each of these needs to be high if you wish to buy a diamond of worth. This is where Beverly Diamonds can be trusted, which is why you don’t see any Beverly Diamonds complaints about the items sold on the site.

Beverly Diamonds offers a wide range of jewelry items for sale, including but not limited to rings, necklaces, and ear rings. The quality of these items, as well as of the service the site provides, ensures that no Beverly Diamonds complaints are made. The after-sales service is similarly well received by customers, and this is one of the reasons why this website has so many repeat customers. Their collections feature the most modern and stylish designs, with something for everyone.

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